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VISA "Zairu Shikaku"

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"KIKA" Naturalization

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Supporting your VISA status in Japan with Immigration Lawyer

Foreigners Consultant

Any Problem in Japan?

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The scope of administrative scrivener's work is not just the preparation of a document to submit to the government office (application or notification of permission / approval). It is said that there are nearly 2,000 kinds of documents that we can create, such as content certification mail and creation of legacy consolidation agreement (rights and obligation relationships and factual certification).


A specific administrative scrivener can also act as a proxy for appeals and protests, so it supports a wide range of civic life as a lawyer in the city.

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True internationalization finally begins to penetrate in Japan, but with this, troubles with overseas business partners and foreigners have come to occur frequently, especially in relation to financial relations and immigration control.

In case

One is a case where a foreigner gets a problem on immigration review, enrollment, employment, and residence when living in Japan.

The other case is the case where the procedure is a problem for Japanese people in transactions with overseas financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, fund / wrap companies, or universities and other international students.

In case

At our office, not only support for procedures to be taken by foreigners in Japan, but also for inbound and outbound interactions such as preparation of English documents to be submitted to overseas business partners by Japanese, general agency procedures for contracts, contracts We support extensively and finely from assistant to management consultation.

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